Youth Executive Committee

The Youth Executive Committee (YEC) manages the youth groups at the community clubs. They organise various cultural, educational, social, adventure, leadership training and youth exchange programmes to channel youthful energies to constructive pursuits.

10th Term of Office: 25 July 2015 to 31 Aug 2017

Chairman Mr Benjamin Chua Guang Long
Vice-Chairman Mr Lau John Ming
Vice-Chairman Miss Ong Wee Suan, Jelene
Vice-Chairman Miss Ong Yu Han
General Secretary Miss Josephine Toh Hui Shan
Assistant General Secretary Miss Ang Yi Lei
Assistant General Secretary Miss Kerlin Koh Jin Jiu
Assistant General Secretary Miss Vanessa Tan Ting En
Treasurer Miss Lee Siang Ning
Assistant Treasurer Mr Liang Zijie
Assistant Treasurer Mr Tan Jia Hui
Auditor Mr Foo Ce Wei, PBM
Arts and Culture Secretary Mr Jeremy Chua Jin Cheng
Children’s Programme Secretary Mr Heng Jia Xian, Justin
Citizen Engagement and Coordinating Secretary for Outreach Mr Ong Cheng Kiat
Community Engagement Programme Secretary Mr Lim Zhan Yang
Community Service Secretary Miss Tan Yu Lin
Membership Secretary Miss Vanessa Nee Hui Kwan
Publicity and New Media Secretary Miss Chuah Jia Ying
Social Development Secretary Miss Syerifah Munawwarah Binte Ibrahim Alsagoff
Sports Secretary Mr Lin Jun Peng, Elston
Member Mr Cheong Kok Hon, Roy
Member Miss Chua Woon Neng
Member Mr Jonathan Ng Jun Hui
Member Miss Joyce Lim Hui En
Member Miss Lim Hui Ping
Member Miss Lim Rui Ting, Jovianne
Executive Member Mr Muhammed Riduwan Bin Razali
Member Miss Ng Ching Jin, Celene
Member Mr Ong Shi Jie
Member Miss Priya Subramanian
Member Mr Seah Zhi Ming
Member Mr T Pravin
Member Mr Tng Kian Heng