Womens’ Executive Committee


The Women’s Executive Committees (WECs) offer an avenue for women from all walks of life to contribute to their community. They meet, make friends, interact and enrich themselves through a diverse range of cultural and recreational activities.They play an important role in galvanising women from all walks of life to promote community bonding, nurture leadership qualities among our women and help the less fortunate. Events and activities organised by WECs offer common space for like-minded people to connect, build new friendships and contribute to community harmony.

Term of Office: 1 MARCH 2014 TO 31 MARCH 2016

Chairman Ms Goh Kim Kee, Anna, PBM
Vice-Chairman Mdm Ang Geok Lian, Annie
Vice-Chairman Mdm Chow Chou Fun
Vice-Chairman Miss Yeo Keng Lee
Secretary Ms Heng Pey Yng
Assistant Secretary Mrs Kang Swee Kiaw, PBM
Treasurer Mdm Ong Chai Tho, Vivien
Assistant Treasurer Mdm Zaleha Binte Samad
Auditor Mdm Jenny Chen
Auditor Mdm Yee Me Song, Helen
Member Mdm Choy Kim Onn
Member Mdm Chua Meng Ngo
Member Mdm Fam Yook Cheng
Member Mdm Fong Meow Kheng, Catherine
Member Mrs Jamilah Hajamohideen
Member Mdm Khek Ah Heok Doris
Member Mdm Kong Kheng, Judy
Member Mdm Lee Loo Loo
Member Mdm Lim Geok Kheng
Member Mdm Oh Lian Huai
Member Mrs Pu Wan Chin
Member Mdm Tan Bee Lay
Grassroots Member Mdm Tan Gek Choo, Angela