Malay Activity Executive Committee


The Malay Activity Executive Committees (MAECs) promote greater Malay participation in the management and activities of various grassroots organisations (GROs). They organise cultural, educational, social, recreational and sporting activities to promote mutual respect and harmonious relations between the Malays and other communities. They also work closely with the other GROs and local agencies to promote harmonious relations among the residents.

Term of Office: 01 April 2016 to 31 March 2018

Chairman Mr Abdul Rahim B Safari
Vice-Chairman Mr Abdul Karim Bin Abdullah
Vice-Chairman Mdm Maria Toh Abdullah @ Toh Poh Luan
Vice-Chairman Mr Sahari Bin Abdul
Secretary Mr Azman Bin Ab Jalil
Assistant Secretary Mdm Jamilah Binte Haji Mohamed Salim
Assistant Secretary Miss Sufiana Safiena Binte Abdul Karim
Treasurer Mr Aidil Bakhtiar Bin Josoh
Assistant Treasurer Mdm Sarimah Bte Samsoori
Assistant Treasurer Miss Syerifah Munawwarah Binte Ibrahim Alsagoff
Auditor Mdm Rosnah Bte Kasmuri
Member Mr Ahmad Bin Bandi
Member Miss Azizah Binte Adam
Member Mr Azmi Bin Juhari
Member Mr Hairil Anuwar Bin Minhad
Member Mr Khairul Nur Amin Bin Ilias
Member Maria Toh Abdullah @ Toh Poh Luan
Member Mr Muhammad Ikram Bin
Member Ms Nor Zalina Bte Lani
Member Mdm Norliah Binti Rosdi
Member Miss Nurul Hannah Binte Abdul Aziz