Integration and Naturalisation Champions

The Integration and Naturalisation Champions (INCs) initiate and spearhead integration and naturalisation programmes in the local community to help new immigrants settle in. Working with Residents’ and Neigbourhood Committees, the INCs visit and invite new immigrants to join grassroots programmes to help them better understand and appreciate the Singaporean way of life so as to live in harmony with local residents. The PA encourages more immigrants to be involved in the local community by taking part in grassroots programmes, or volunteering their services to the community, so that they can expand their social network and develop a greater sense of belonging to the place over time.

Term of Office: 01 April 2014 to 31 March 2016

Chairman Mr Foo Ce Wei, PBM
Member Gnanapragasam Jagaraj
Member Cheng Geok Kwong, Josella
Member Vakada Venkatasatyaadeshbabu
Member Yeo Keng Lee
Member Azman Jalil
Member Er Swee Nguan, Eric
Member Tan Chwee Pow, PBM
Member Tham Yeu Kuen, Jeremy
Member Jeffrey Tay Yit Hong
Member Koh Kia Sia
Member Yew Heng Yin
Member Tan Swee Peow, Roger
Member Chew Tong Min, Priscilla, PBM
Member Dr Murugesan Sethu
Member Foo Say Han
Member Lee Ah Too, Steven
Member Koh Lay Kee, Serene
Member Dr Li Zhiwang
Member Ashit Bipin Arora