Community LEAD Champions

The Community LEAD Champions (CLCs) have been appointed by the People’s Association (PA) since 2007 to identify, recruit, and nurture volunteers within the community. They come from the existing pool of grassroots leaders, and have been specially identified to champion the spirit of volunteerism at the constituency level. They work closely with National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) and the PA in strengthening efforts to recruit, develop and retain their fellow grassroots leaders. Yew Tee CLCs Tagline: Promoting Activities Towards Harmony 4 U & I to Yew-nite (UNITE)

Chairman Mr Vincent Chia, PBM
Member Ms Lee Yan Peng
Member Ms Nancy Ooi, PBM
Member Mr Kwan Jih Leong, PBM
Member Mr Giam Hong Leng
Member Mr Mark Toh Kwang Ming
Member Mr Foo Ce Wei
Member Mr Ginanapragasam Jagaraj