Community Emergency and Engagement Committee


The Community Emergency and Engagement (C2E) Committees are the community Emergency Preparedness (EP) Units formed in constituencies. They are the amalgamation of the former Emergency Preparedness Groups and Civil Defence Executive Committees. They help to strengthen community resilience by involving residents, grassroots leaders, educational institutions, business, religious, voluntary welfare organisations and other community partners in Community Emergency Preparedness programmes.

Term of Office: 01 April 2016 to 31 March 2018

Chairman Mr Chng Eng Kwang, Kenneth
Vice-Chairman Mr Teo Beng Ghee, Jimmy, PBM
Secretary Mdm Hozariah Bte Markso
Assistant Secretary Mdm Cheng Geok Kwong, Josella
Assistant Secretary Miss Chew Yuen Ga, Pony
Treasurer Ranjan s/o Rajoo
Assistant Treasurer Mdm Chia Sock Him, Serene
Member Mr Alzahar Bin Ismail
Member Mdm Goh Seow Cheng
Member Mdm Lim Ah Tian
Member Mr Lim Seng Kian, William
Member Mdm Tan Tuan
Member Mr Tew Chee Sing
Member Dr Wang Joon Leong
Member Mr Wong Shi Dao
Member Mr Wong Shi De
Member Mr Zhang Guo Qiang