Citizens’ Consultative Committee


The Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCCs) are at the apex of all grassroots organisations. A vital bridge between the people and the Government, the CCCs lead and co-ordinate grassroots activities at the constituency level such as national campaigns and fund-raising projects. They also disseminate information on national policies and initiative to residents and channel their feedback to the relevant authorities.

9th Term of Office: 01 April 2016 to 31 March 2018

Honorary Chairman Mr Low Peng Kit, BBM(L)
Patron Dr Chua Soon Kian, Andrew, PBM
Patron Mr Leow Chin Hin, Lawrence, PBM
Patron Mr Lim Kuan Kang, PBM
Patron Mr Neo Koon Boo
Patron Mr Ng Eng Wah, PBM
Patron Mr Ong Boon Hwee, John
Patron Mr Ong Huay Chew
Patron Mr Teo Bee Chiong, Desmond, PBM
Chairman Mr Teo Chong Chai, Patrick, BBM(L)
Vice Chairman Mr Lim Tai Sun, BBM
Vice Chairman Mr Neo Watt Heng, David, PBM
Vice Chairman Mr Soon Min Yam, BBM(L)
Vice Chairman Mr Teh Seng Lee, Bobby, PBM
Secretary Mr Tay Boon Sin
Assistant Secretary Mr Foo Ce Wei, PBM
Assistant Secretary Mr Gnanapragasam Jagaraj
Assistant Secretary Ms Yeo Keng Lee
Treasurer Mr Ang Leng Seng, PBM
Assistant Treasurer Miss Goh Kim Kee, Anna, PBM
Assistant Treasurer Mr Kwan Jih Leong, PBM
Auditor Mr C Manoharan, PBM
Auditor Mr Tay Chee Hian, Paul
Member Mr Abdul Rahim Bin Safari
Member Ms Chia Bee Hua, Stella
Member Mr Chia Tian Seng, Vincent, PBM
Member Mr Chng Eng Kwang, Kenneth
Member Mr Chua Teck Ming, PBM
Member Mr Chua Teck Seng
Member Miss Chua, Peggie, BBM
Member Mr Clement Chandru
Member Mr Giam Hong Leng
Member Mr Goo Boon Hong
Member Mdm Jenny Chen
Member Mr Jonathan Ng Jun Hui
Member Mdm Koh Lay Kee, Serene
Member Mr Lee Ah Too, Steven
Member Mr Lee Ee Win
Member Miss Lee Yan Peng, PBM
Member Mr Leong Kaiyan
Member Mdm Lim Geok Kheng
Member Mr Ng Sey Ming
Member Miss Ong Wee Suan, Jelene
Member Mdm Phang Koei Hiong, PBM
Member Mr Saw Seng Yeok, Anthony, PBM
Member Mdm Seow Ley Wee, Sally
Member Mr Tan Chit Seng
Member Mr Tan Chwee Pow, PBM
Member Mr Tan Swee Peow, Roger
Member Mr Tham Yeu Kuen, Jeremy